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Shark Slam

During this winter Florida Bay has had vast shoals of Spanish Mackerel and with the mackerel come the shark. One of my favorite shark is the Black tip these shark jump run and just don’t want to come in. They rarely go over 100lb so you can use light gear and have max fun. We use 30lb braid or 25lb mono, braid gives a jerky fight mono is a lot softer and when a jump lands on braid normally the fish is off.

One day last week I took Carol and Paul to my top Black tip mark and it did not disappoint. The mackerel arrived in minutes and the shark were not far behind. Carol started off with a lemon shark just short off 200lb then a stunning black tip.  I was shown many years ago how to get these aboard, it does seem to amaze guests when I ask if they would like it aboard for a photo. So with the huge Bull shark, Lemon shark and now the Black tip Carol did what we call a mini shark slam well done.

Carol and Paul also had a boat PB when they boated 21 shark for the day the best I have had for two people. Back to the blacktip some people like to eat them as well, I have tried one but in my view there are a lot better fish in the sea so they all go back. The other thing I like about shark fishing is seeing small hooks and jigs in the fish. These soon rust out but they must make fantastic fish stories. I can just imagine ” it was so big I could not stop it ” what do they say elephants eat peanuts.