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3 2 1

3 2 1 doesn’t refer to Dusty Bin but the number of times my first party this session have been fishing with me.  Kevin: 3 times,  Dave: twice and, newcomer to Fish the Dream, John.

Maybe a better title for the blog would be: “It all comes to those who wait”, and we had to wait when, after a promising first afternoon with a 200lb+ shark, the weather turned a bit windy.  I always tell guests, if you imagine a flat calm day I have 200+ spots to take you to but as the wind speed gets up the number decreases.  It’s also very hard for people who have been before, as they just want to get back to a favourite mark.  Well this was the case this week, when 20mph winds from the north kept us tucked in on the south side of the island and in the mangroves.   Plenty of small fish and always the chance of a big one but it was not where we all wanted to be, and newcomer John was wondering what all the hype was about.  But I suppose we were catching.

Last day and the pressure was on, so we just went for it.  I am lucky with my boat as big seas are no problem, so north 20 miles into the bay to a favourite wreck.

Well she did not let us down and the weather gods smiled as well, with dropping winds it was full on ’till dark.  Goliath grouper to 150, spinner shark to 80, keeper snapper and gag grouper.  Soon in the chum slick we had ballyhoo, the candy of all the mackerel in the Keys, and when a 7lb cero hit the deck out came the sushi kit and shore lunch at sea – YUM YUM.

To finish the day and trip off, it was fitting that newcomer John found out what the Keys is all about and after dancing around the boat a 30lb+ king mackerel was boated.

Well done John and all.  I hope to see you all again for the 4 3 2 trip.


PS Thanks all for letting me do no lifting to aid my hernia recovery.

Post Op Blues

Well, the op went OK.  Not the one day key hole surgery I had hoped for but in hospital for three days after open surgery.  It seems the cutbacks are here already, our friends at N.I.C.E. have decided to save money by going back to open surgery if they think you are fit enough.  Recovery going fine, but it was a bit strange to see ones nether bits bald and black and blue.  Had the last visit to doctor to get the all clear to fly and we go back to the Keys on 28th – can’t wait.  The only problem, told no bike or heavy lifting for up to three months, that sucks.

For the first time I will turn left on the plane.  I decided to cash in air miles for the first time and fly in the front.  The hernia is OK but not sure, just weeks after surgery, how being cramped in economy for 8 hours would do so just the one upgrade.

Back in the UK I felt a bit bad about the long lay-off so decided the best medicine was a bit of gentle fishing and went to a day ticket trout lake.  Now grumpy old git rant, WHAT THE HELL IS IT ABOUT BRITISH ANGLERS AND DAY TICKET WATERS!  I looked all over my ticket and nowhere could I find that it was compulsory to litter and leave line and damage fences, but apparently this is what you must do.  Strange, my last day ticket water was in Italy and what a difference – no litter and so nice at the weekend.  Families came down just to barbecue and enjoy the lake.  What a difference!  Further up the coast they even put a skip for the rubbish at the local power station for the anglers (I say that very loosely most just turn undersized bass into curries or cash) but the litter was still so bad as the anglers were incapable of putting it in the skip.  The result – shut the car park near the sea and make the anglers walk, well done anglers.

Back to my trout fishing, they didn’t start to feed till dusk when they came up to feed and had six.  Kept two plump 1.5 lb fish for the smoker, they were very tasty.  What surprised me was how well developed the roe was for a rainbow and how well they fought.  Another surprise was the sweetcorn inside.  (I just love to look in fish guts.)  Apparently this is how the locals poach.

Well, seven days work to do in three days before trip back so must make a start.