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Back in the bay

What a difference a week can make in the Florida Keys. From the wind and rain of last week to the wall to wall sunshine and 30 degree temps and light winds for this week. So sorry but that is the luck of fishing but last weeks conditions were not normal but we still fished and caught every day. First day with Billy, Steve , Nick and John we all decided to go back into the bay and yes the Goliath Grouper mark, getting the pick right was a pain but it needs to be just right. First fish totally trashed Nick the power of these fish just leaves newcomers stunned but I am sure some will be near 1000 lbs and you will have no chance at all. Second big one we won and Billy had a nice 100 lb fish  by the side of the boat, poor Johns fish was an other monster and despite two people on 80 lb on lock down this fish made it back to the wreck. Rest of the day was fun wreck fishing with cobia, grouper, shark and the rest of the general fish and good first day and two people just shaking their heads in disbelief.

Second day was back out the bay and some more wrecks and the story of an epic fight by one man. Poor John was just jigging half a ballyhoo near a wreck when his rod went solid a big a very big fish just wanted a small snack. What happened for the next hour was just pure fishing, man and big fish just watching John was amazing. He was going to win an after nearly one hour the fish was to the boat a near 100 lb stingray. The fight from these fish is just amazing and they can bed down as this fish did to get their power back when ever they want to just leaving the poor angler to do all the work.

We are offshore at last to day and the wish list is permit, amberjack and dorado well all we can do is our best.

Irish baitfishing ?

Well after watching poor Tom being spooled by a shark ( sorry still like to watch the face for the oh my god look ) we had to get more fresh bait. Despite being one of our poorest weeks for weather there is always some where to fish in the Florida Keys and we were finding plenty of barracuda a great shark bait. The only problem I had with plan B was getting the anglers to stop baitfishing ! It seems to me that the Irish have taken to this light lure fishing big style and when you get a fish nearly ever chuck it all works. In fact some of the baits were over 10 lbs nice on any lure rod and these guys had plenty of rods.

Well the tough week came to an all to early end and yes we had tarpon to the boat but many boxes had not been ticked due to the weather so I think an other fishing holiday will be booked soon. Last morning and you guessed right light lure fishing and just to say goodbye to the Florida Keys we saw a large school of small jacks and had a triple header on the very last chuck. Nice to fish with you guys and look forwards to doing it again but how about a bit of the Irish luck with the weather ?

Tarpon ON !!

Sorry about the lack of blogs, tarpon fishing and blogs do not mix. Starting at 4 am and the guys from Ireland are fishing on till late fine with me. Despite some of the worst weather I have ever known we are lucky at Fish the Dream to have a boat that can handle big seas and gives some cover from tropical rain. Yesterday we had to go down to Bahia Honda to find fish and were able to post 1 in 4 not bad at all and for Bahia Honda, loads more concrete than other bridges. It was also very nice to see Tom catch his first tarpon and no doubt catch the fever, very hard to get over. After the fight he was left shaking his head saying I have never experienced anything ever like that. Such are these fish you can read books and watch videos but nothing even comes close to actually fighting  a silver king.