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Affordable fishing holidays in the Florida Keys have just become more affordable. I have just had a weeks holiday canceled, things happen often holidays are booked years in advance but I have taken some money and I am able to pass this on. The week is 20th Nov to 27th Nov this is our dry season and the start of winterfishing temps a very pleasant high 70 s  and low 80 s with very little rain or humidity. I am able to drop the price from the normal £110 per person per day to just £ 75 per person per day based on 4 people sharing pro rata if it is less than 4 .  Best if you have not been before to get in touch or 01668 216173 and I can go over the details. This is a one off and with a small price rise for holidays in 2013 ( our first in 3 years ) this is a very affordable deal.

So what will you catch if you are hard core and the weather gods smile on you over 50 species are possible. If you want big 100 lb fish are common or if you want flat out action this is mackerel season with shark in big numbers as well. There will still be dorado offshore and the numbers of sailfish and tuna are on the increase as will king mackerel and whahoo. So if our fishing holidays have been just out of reach then this is your chance I don’t know when this will happen again please get in touch.

Why Fish the Dream part three the fish

Not sure how to start this, enough to say on a fishing holiday in the Florida Keys you are spoilt for choice big time. The one fish that is iconic with the Florida Keys has to be the tarpon we have over the years been more than lucky with them. Last year we join a small club of very special boats with our first 200 lb fish at 80 in long and a massive girth of 44 in it came out at 209 lb a fish of a lifetime or what. This year we had not one but two 3 hr fights one 3 hr 40 mins and the next day 3 hr 20 mins these fish were not measured but looked as big as the 209 lb one.

Next fish on most people s wish list seems to be the permit and again at Fish the Dream we have had some fantastic fish. A few years ago we came very close to a record fish at near 50 lb this fish was very close, again a fish of a life time. Pound for pound these fish are hard to beat so much so the prime week for the permit spawn has now become my most popular week and last week the 2014 dates were booked !

Shark still tick a lot of boxes for people and you are  spoilt for choice in the keys and if you want to do big again we can do big. A few years ago Lee Jasper’s epic 2 hr plus fight with a fish well over 1000 lb will remain one of Fish the Dream’s magic days. I still remember Lee’s words after 2 hrs and still not getting a lot back ” No  fish has ever beaten me ” and he was right it did not and 25 mins later he had the fish boat side.

Also on the big side we have our goliath grouper and this year we had our biggest at over 500 lb just of the charts. I still have to thank Jim Whippy who came up with the Whippy walk a way to get the big ones out of the wrecks. This winter I hope to start a tagging program which will be fun and hope to get the fish back on the take list.

One fish that also ticks the boxes has to be the sailfish the way this fish fights runs and jumps just everything you want in a game fish. I think it is also the one that you have to see in the flesh I have never seen a photo or a video that comes close. The way this fish can light up its fins is very very special and should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Our mackerel are a very fun fish and when our sea temps drop in the autumn and winter the shallow waters of the bay are just alive with hard hitting and fine tasting fish. Just a few of the fish you will come across during a fishing holiday with Fish the Dream and at now 109 species I think you have to agree you are spoilt  for choice.

You know it makes sense please get in touch and I can show you just how affordable I can make it for you.

Why Fish the Dream part two the location

Firstly sorry about the slight delay from the last blog but some kind soul decided to hack my main email account.  So if you were one of thew many people who I have emailed in the last 10 years who this week have received a strange email sorry not from me honest. It has been nearly 15 years since my first trip to the Florida Keys and I can still remeber my first run down the Overseas Highway that link all the islands with 47 bridges on its 120 mile route between the southern tip of Florida and the island of Key West.  Despite seeing it on the tv, videos, mags and books the first time you do it, it is very special just awesome. Not only does it just scream fish but the powers in Florida have got it so right a long time ago they worked out you can eat a fish once but catch it many times. The regs change very quickly both ways and if something needs help it gets it and if the numbers are good you can take more just as it should be. The regs are inforced with vigour and are brain dead, 10 means 10 and 12in mean 12in no arguments just a fine and if you don’t know what it is why the hell did you kill it, and it works. So for many years I started to build up my fishing knowledge of the Florida Keys fishing from shore, bridges and charter boats. Then a small group of us would start to hire boats and stay longer, I can still remeber my first sailfish and tarpon from our own boat. We started to get a better deal on the island of Marathon and started to hire bigger boats and fish for longer so after 7 years of gaining experience we sett up Fish the Dream. We have a long-term lease on a two apartment waterside villa with massive dock fishing and a good boat lift allowing me to work on the boat and just two houses from the open water.

The Florida Keys do have it all and we have the boat to do it all in the last 8 years of doing fishing holidays we have had 109 species to the boat and the record now for one week is an amazing 63 species. With the Island environment there is always sheltered water and with the banks and mangroves we can always find fish. You also don’t need to go miles out for big fish nearly all are big tarpon are caught at the bridges as was a 500 lb + grouper caught this year.

With nearly a 80 % repeat booking and some guys on their 7 th trip we must be doing something right, most guys just like how flexible we are we start when you want and stop when you want and try to tick your boxes not mine.

Why Fish the Dream part one the boat

The one thing you want right on a boat fishing holiday is the boat I know that sounds simple but over the years I have heard many horror stories. To travel half way round the world, spend a large amount of money and be in the best fishing location means nothing unless the boat is right and it does the job. When we sett up Fish the Dream after a large number of years boat fishing I also wanted this to be right as they say you only get one chance for a first impression. We decided to spend a whole holiday in the Florida Keys just getting the boat and I spent many days in showrooms and on the water trying to get it right. What soon became clear just how many advantages the cats were giving, massive deck space and sett up as two boats with separate tanks, batteries and engines a very safe option as well. After sea trialing the short list we picked the Pro Sports Pro Kat this had the deepest free board and a very reassuring feeling of fishing in the boat not on top of it just what you want 30 miles offshore when it kicks up. The main advantage of our boat it can do it all just as happy offshore trolling the tuna grounds or chasing dorado and sailfish as it is in the skinny waters backcountry drawing only 15 in we can go very shallow for bonefish, permit and tarpon.

The fitting out I did myself and the boat is regularly updated when there is something new or improved on the market, last year we added side scanning sonar and now we can see fish up to 160 ft on either side of the boat with out going over the top of them. We have a stunning Raymarine radar which is the only safe way to travel in the dark it scares me just how many skips run hard at night with no radar just because they know the way. We are also sett up with pro outriggers, downrigger and a multi wind speed kite sett up as well, the outriggers are very good when shark fishing as they keep the baits nearly 35 ft apart. This year we also did a complete repower the orignal Yamahas had done 2900 hrs and while they were running very well for 2012 Yamaha had done some major changes to an already good engine making it even better. I am often asked would I change the boat and I can say honestly there is nothing on the market better than my boat to give  the complete Florida Keys fishing holiday experience.

The camera never lies ?

As I have said many times I am no photographer and my english is rubbish but what I do with this blog is try to give a feel of the fishing in the Florida Keys and show what happens on our fishing holiday’s. This year I have tried to upgrade the photos and purchased a Nikon P500 this has a wide optical lens 22.5-810 and a 36 x zoom for the guys who know. After watching Henry Gilbey taking shots on my boat now for many years I have been trying to upgrade my style as well. Never will I get close to Henry but I think they are getting a bit better. I also have been learning a few tricks one is to push the fish towards the camera and try to get the front hand out of the shot. On Kevins last holiday we were having a blast with small jacks these fish just nail anything and the sight of a shoal of fish surfing to hit a topwater lure just amazing. In fact I have seen anglers casting away from the fish just to watch them surf as a pack to get the lure. Also it is not uncommon to get two on the same lure as the other jack tries to take the bait out of the hooked fish’s mouth. The other bonus with jacks they are a top bait whole ones for grouper and cut sharks food wise they are ok but hot smoked like kippers but with no bones.

Back to Kevin’s day so we decided to see just how big we could make it look and the fish in the photo is just a few pounds but I think you will agree it looks a lot bigger. So next time you see a photo of a big fish just look for the front hand and see if the fish is being pointed to the camera. So does the camera lie you bet but it makes a cool pic !