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What will we catch ?

When we started our Fishing Holidays in the Florida Keys nearly fourteen years ago this was the most frequently asked and rightly so question.  Now with the fourteen years behind us its a much easier question to answer.  Most of our guests are repeat customers so they know what to expect but with our new link to Sportquest holidays I am being asked the old question again. This time it’s so much easier  to answer with nearly 500 blogs on this website forum going back to 2010 I just reply have a look at old blogs for the dates you want to come and you will see from our old back catalogue what we caught and you should do the same.  While there are basics like tarpon season April  May and June,  permit spawn April and May if you look through the blogs you will see these fish turning up at other times as well.  With the record for six days fishing  55 species and now  127 different species to the boat you will never be sure which I think is the magic of fishing in the Florida Keys.






With the start of the 2017 tarpon season we nearly always catch our first big fish in March its with sadness I look back at our old blogs and tarpon photos.  Years ago it was OK to take out carefully a big tarpon get the money shot photo safely measure the fish to give a very accurate weight swim the fish to fully regain its strength and release to fight again.  Now with the new laws all fish over 44 inch must remain in the water and no way would I try to measure the fish I have seen way to many 1000 lb shark at tarpon time.  So now its head out of water not the same but it’s what the boffins want its such as shame I still remember the guys round the laptop when we put in the measurements of a very big fish  80 in length and 44 in girth a massive boat PB  208 LBS.





Very strange request from a new party this year.  Not bothered about tarpon or big just want lots of different species on lots of different methods.  Well as I have said before this is why we are good at what we do you the angler is in total control of your holiday.  Start when you want, stop when you want, fish for what you want and any way you want enough said just enjoy.