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Archive of entries posted in the year 2018

Fish the Dream Mark two

As I get towards the second happiest day a boat owner has  ” selling the boat ” I have had to have a major rethink in how we run our Fishing Holidays in the Florida Keys.                                                                                                 Readers of this blog will know I suffered three heart attacks in 2015 and since them I have been fighting a somewhat broken immune system leaving very weak and unable to live a normal life but in the words of my consultant at least I am on  ” the right side of the turf ”   I have tried for the last two years to run and look after my boat from 4000 miles away and have to say unfortunately it does not work hence I am selling the boat once its back to its former glory.  So from now on we will be operating our holidays is a much more bespoke and custom manner. If its one to six anglers and if you want a 14 ft skiff or a 60 offshore power boat we will find the right boat for you.  Also if you want to share a motel room to reduce costs or a private villa with pool and private rooms.  Any car you want from a mini to a soft top Mustang the choice will now be yours.  I will use my near 20 experience of the Florida Keys to get the best deal for exactly what you want.  Please ignore all the details on this website but just use the blog to see what you can catch at different times of the year. I hope to have the all the new holiday details up very soon or you can Email me at




Quality Time

Over the now 14 years of doing Fishing Holidays in the Florida Keys more than once I have been asked to do a holiday for a farther and child.  This was the case last week where Neale Hopper wanted to spend a week with his daughter Meg.  It sure ticks all the boxes just one to one good weather and a shared pastime with stunning results fishing in the Florida Keys.  I did find them a fantastic private villa Neale decided to upgrade the rental car to a soft top Mustang and why not.  With our boat in dry dock Captain Drew did his bit and upgraded the boat to a 33 See Vee with a spotting tower just how good could it get.  So would the fish play their part well as is normal in the Keys no problem fish galore to quote some of the face book posts just amazing.

One day they had the chance to sight cast to barracuda I have often done this but for a first timer it must just blow you away have a look at the expression on Meg’s face it says it all.  While this holiday was all about quality time with Meg I think its fair to say dad was having a blast as well and why not.  Neale did what a lot of my regulars have been trying to do for years a sail to the boat.  Captain Drew was more than impressed with Neale’s ability to deal with the fish just did what was asked and rewarded with a fish of a lifetime a well done from me as well.

Meg and Neale were also rewarded with the sight of a manatee thinking back many years I can remember the thrill it was when I saw my first one they just seem so unreal but are doing very well and coming back strong in the Keys.  So lots of boxes ticked and in a very nice thankyou email from Neale lots of memories that will be with you for a life time.  Its trips like this that make it all worth while happy to help.