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200 lb Smiles

What a tough week Rob and his boys from Jersey have had. Mother nature and the winds gods have not been on our side for sure. As they say when its tough the tough get going and top marks to the lads they have given it their all. The other morning we tried an early 4 am at the bridge raging tide very coloured water and lots of weed. After losing a fish last week I had reasonable hopes but with theses conditions it was going to be hard. At first light we found some tarpon so at least they have arrived but these were not feeding just rolling and slapping the water to show us just how big they were. What these guys needed was a big fish and at last with the tide running to the west it was off to our goliath grouper mark. After a long 45 min run we got there at least there was no one else there but with the wind blowing near 20 the seas were big and fishing it was just on the edge. Bait was fairly easy and after about half an hour time for the big rod. Poor Peter he did not have a clue what was about to happen but when it does wow!  At least the big boys were going to play and first bait down float gone and grouper on. Whippy walk and drag this sucker out of the wreck to see two grown men wrestling a fish must be fun must get the video going again.

Well the battle, its tougher than a fight was won and Peter had his 200lb + nearer 250 fish at the side of the boat well done if a group ever deserved a fish it was this one. We carried on but as the tide changed and Chris lost a much and I mean much bigger fish it was becoming ugly we even had to tack to get home but at last some Florida Keys smiles.