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Offshore fun

The last two days we have been offshore and after a recent spell of poor weather to be fishing in the deep blue water 30 miles offshore is just a pleasure. Best of all was a fish we did not even catch just 8 miles out a sailfish put on a show that would have got him top billing at Sea World. These fish are one of the acrobatic fish in the Florida Keys and to see them free jumping and tail walking awesome. Back to the fishing the seas have not settled down and the permit spawn has not fully started but there are plenty of fish to enjoy. Steve started of with a 20 lb + cobia and in deep water they are a very different fish but Steve won and this one made it to the table a lot of people in the Keys rate this as number one. The chum brought up a new species to us the atlantic spadefish just amazing after doing fishing holidays for over 8 years we are still catching new species and this one is number 109. Only averaging 2-3 lbs but in 100 ft water on light tackle they went like crazy and one guy said if they only had these back home. Barracuda turn up in the back of the chum and Nick had a nice one and poor Billy got rocked buy a big grouper and offshore they go over 1000lb so no chance.

Yesterday we decided to go to the tuna grounds the seas were big but my boat can cope and it was a long push but the forecast was to get better and with a south wind the run back would be better. When we got ther an amazing amount of feeding birds and tuna crashing on the surface but not taking a lot. We went though the lot and had a couple of small bonito but Steve had a couple of skipjack on surface poppers fun or what.