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Hammerhead shark

There is one shark we catch in the Florida Keys that I think is one of the most stunning that is the hammerhead. Robin was had one the other day in the bay while it was nowhere near the size of Lee’s 1000lb + from a few years ago it still put up a very hard fight on light gear. The one nice thing about these size fish is they are very easy to handle and you can get a very good hold on the hammer. Well this one had not read the script and came in ok then all hell broke loose, top marks to Robin he was not going to let go and after a short time we were able to get the money shot. All the shark we bring on the boat go back very well and not having scales or slime are more than capable of this treatment.

While there are many people who say shark are in decline here in the Florida Keys this is not the case at all. In fact in some areas they are on the increase  and with a boat PB now 68 in one day we have very good stocks. The sharks regs were changed a short time ago and maybe this is all ready showing in the numbers. Yes I have eaten shark and it is ok but there are so many better fish to eat I will never take a shark again. What I do like to see is the big numbers of small shark we find in certain spots you just have to tell yourself this small blacktip will only get bigger and more fun.