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You are a bad man

Sorry for the lack of posts been offline for six days, hols in Tuscany drove 25 km to an internet cafe half an hour to park and walk then found he was down as well. We have been going to Tuscany now for 4 years mainly for my wife Helen to enjoy the outdoor concert of Andrea Bochelli not my cup of tea but as Helen’s MS gets worse any smile I can put on her face ok by me. After a few weeks back from the Florida Keys the weather in Italy was just fantastic from low to mid 30’s and dry and sunny every day. So what does a guy who does fishing holidays in the Florida Keys do when he is on holiday well he goes fishing. Two years ago I found a flooded quarry that had been turned into a commercial fishery and is fantastic, clean beyond words a nice cafe, bait shop, and  so well kept the locals come for lunch on the weekend. After watching the locals smashed up on their poles this year I decided to be a bit radical mainline 4 lb to a number 14 hook no silly shot just a self cocking float. Despite an air temp 35 and full sun and the fishery only opens at midday the fish feed all day amazing or what.



Well both days I fished I had carp to just over 5 kg nothing big but all went like mad and this year I did not have as many break off and caused a stir with the big one. Strange must be the Florida Keys effect just looking at these fish I thought what good baits they would make for our Goliath grouper. When I mentioned this to the owner and told him just how big the grouper get to he just said with a smile ,  you are a bad man , not sure he understood.