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More than just tarpon

The one thing that still blows me away about the Florida Keys is the number of variety of fish. In over 7 years of doing fishing holidays we have now had 109 ( possibly ) 110 different species to the boat. We at Fish the Dream have a boat that can nearly do it all from the tuna grounds some 25 miles offshore to the flats and all the shallow water in Florida bay. Being able to fish anywhere and a very safe boat, you fish in not on top of the boat means we can target all these different fish. With the tarpon run now over and what a season two huge fish near if not over 200 lbs both fights lasting over 3 yes 3 hours we now look forwards to our autumn and winter fish. We made the decision not to fish the summer we did when we started but the worst year we had 4 hurricanes and just the evacuation and the mess when you get back not worth it. We start again in October and one fish I look forwards to is our mackerel.

Top of the list is the king mackerel we have had these to 40 lbs and I just can’t describe how hard they hit the bait. In fact that is how they feed a very fast killing strike then they come back to feed on the bits. Our two smaller mackerel are the spanish and cero we have had these to nearly 10 lbs both so much fun on light tackle. Both will take any thing fly, spin, livebait and jig and are with out doubt are best shark and grouper bait. One memoire I will have for a very long time is the look on Rob Shipleys face just after a long fight with a king when the second he put his bait back in an other big king took him again. The cero are also some of the best sushi you will ever taste and very fresh and bleed spanish hard to beat on the barbie. The other joy of late season fishing it is our dry season and a little cooler just high 70’s and low 80’s when the weather in the UK is normally going downhill.