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The wonders of the internet

As most people who know me I have a passion for spinning reels the just work so well and the rod and reel are just balanced so well. For the last two years my favourite reel has been the Severo 5000 H made by Omoto a smaller company in Taiwan. This reel is just amazing completely machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, 15 class 5 bearings, water sealed body and drag, multi carbon and stainless 44lb drag, all stainless steel gears and just made so well. It even has two water seals on the two bearings in the bail, just class. Yes they don’t come cheap but you get what you pay for and in fishing tackle this is very true. The only problem with the 5000 H it is a very big reel it has been fantastic on are larger fish, shark to tarpon but I have always lusted after the smaller 3000. The company that I got my reel from decided not to bring in the smaller on it was just to expensive for a very crowded market. For the last two years I have sometimes put the reel into a Google search but only finding a few very expensive ones but a week ago I found one I could afford.

A small custom rod builder on Malta who was using the bigger reel on his rods decided to import the smaller one and make a rod to fit the reel. No luck on selling the smaller combo so put it on his website at a very good discount and one week later in was in my hands job done. Well the reel is as good as expected just the right size for 30 lb braid a perfect sporty shark reel and all fish just under 100 lb cant wait to try it out in the Florida Keys. So moral of story just keep looking and you might be surprised as I was.