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The boys are back

As the song goes the boys are back in town, tonight Lee Jasper and John Aplin arrive for a weeks fishing and they are bringing newcomer to the Florida Keys John Grindle. Lee is how would you say firstly a fish junkie and then a fine tackle lover always a pleasure to fish with and has made the change from client to true friend. Lee also holds the base PB fish a hammerhead well over 1000 lbs. I still remember the look on his face when he told me the second hour of the fight sucked as much as the first to go with my faveroite saying when a big fish is hooked, the first hour hurts ! Well this trip Lee wants to do some serious offshore wrecking and yesterday I got some new numbers so fingers crossed.

John Aplin again first came on a fishing holiday then after many more trips I was so impressed with him I asked him to run the boat when I was back in the UK  and all who fished with him said what a top job he did. Check all he does back in the UK at  as some one said about John he does what it says on the tin and more when you take the lid off.  John also runs some of the finest chalk stream fishing in the SW and with it some very neat accommodations as well if you find yourself in that part of the world give him a call. John is bringing his friend John Grindle ( two Johns on the boat fun me thinks ) who also is better known as the West Dorset Foodie check his website out at  and if you love your food you will not be disappointed. I have been told all John Grindle wants on his first fishing holiday in the Florida Keys is big, come on guys give me a challenge.