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Tears and smiles

The one thing I say with a big fish it is better to see it than loose in not even knowing what it was and this nearly happened to us the other day. We have found a spot nearly 20 into the bay where there are some very big blacktip shark some well over 100 lb and in just 12 ft water they only go one way. Simon had had a very good one so Geoff said his favorite words of the fishing holiday ” time for the chicken ” well it had to happen he hooked a big one on his 12 wt gear. Soon all the fly line had gone and the 300 yds off backing was going the same way so throw the pick and follow. Both Geoff and Simon are used to this on their last trip both had 3 hr fights with tarpon and followed for miles but a big shark on a fly rod a very different fight.

We had to miss many a pot marker float, at this time of year the bay is covered with them but we were slowly getting line back but then the fun started. With all the backing back on the reel Geoff was giving the shark a bit more, then it happened near the boat as Geoff was pulling up the shark gave one last run and BANG the 12 wt suddenly became a two piece rod. So Geoff had to finish the fight with a very short rod but I have to say very well done and the smiles say it all we won and had the fish in the boat. We also found out why this fish had fought so hard it was hooked in the pectral fin and they always go so much harder. Well the chicken had done the goods again and at the  end of the trip Geoff donated the fly to me and it will bring back some very special memories of this trip.