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John’s roundup part one

What a week just too much to get in to one blog so here we go with part one. Some guys are lucky with weather and as I say on a calm day I have nearly 200 marks to go too and as the wind speed picks up this number goes down. Yes we are also very lucky in the Florida Keys with a fantastic variation of fishing marks from the Everglades to the flats, channels, bridges, reefs, offshore and the tuna grounds. Apart from the Everglades John’s party nearly did it all and we had fish and good ones everywhere. The one thing John’s party have very right is they just like catching fish I know that sounds very obvious but they were just as happy catching small hard fighting fish on light gear as being beat up on the shark rod. I have said it before but I will say it again in my opinion once you have lost the joy of catching small fish I think you have lost a big part of fishing. Below a selection of photos of happy fishermen and just some of the fish we had I have also been asked to let you know what the fish are as regulars know but there are some of you who don’t.


Silky shark taken sight fishing on the tuna grounds 26 miles offshore.


Cobia from a wreck 20 miles north of Marathon in just 12 ft water.


A nearly 20 in yellow tail snapper from the reef edge in 80 ft water


Avery large over 10 lb margate also from the reef edge

Now fully booked for 2013 and we are booking very fast for 2014 so if you are thinking about a trip to the Florida Keys don’t delay as they say when it is gone its gone. Most guys just rebook when they stay the other week the party booked their 9 th trip so I guess we are doing something right.