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Lady luck smiles

The 2013 tarpon season is turning out to be one of the best I have ever had in the Florida Keys we have had fish to the boat every day bar one crab is the killing bait yesterday was 2 for 3 and the day before 2 for 5  big  100 lb plus fish and most fights over an hour. New comer to our fishing holidays Steve joined regulars Dave Leslie and Brian and a ton plus tarpon on his lap was number one on his wish list. So we all sat down and went through just how mad this tarpon fishing is, fish on then rest of the guys have to wind in, rods out of the way, start the boat, throw the pick, back down to the bridge, spin the boat, get the angler with the fish on to the bow, spare angler to get the torch, keep the rod high but not to high, bow to the king when it jumps and all this goes on in the dark at 4 am. To say Steve looked a little worried was an understatement but day one came and we were at 7 mile bridge and Steve had a tarpon rod in his hand then guess what his float went under and it was fish on. Well he did very, very well it helped to have all the crew seasoned anglers and may be not perfect and he missed a few bows but in about 1 hr 20 mins the fish was in the boat and on one very happy anglers lap.



At 68 in long with a girth 39 in it came out at 136 lb what a first ever tarpon and at 1 for 1 as we say you cant get any better I still dont think just how lucky Steve knows how he has been. I still think ever angler should have one money shot of his first tarpon and I slide the fish over the side, hook out, quick pic, measure for an accurate weight then back and swim fish for as lonce ng as it takes to get it fully recovered. Since 2008 to do this in Florida you must have a kill tag I would never kill a tarpon and buy swimming the fish I think it might even have a better chance than just the hook out. Video clip sorry an other tarpon at the boat Brian with yet an other 100 lb it will play not sure what is going on with Vimeo will try and sort out.