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Windy last day

Again sorry about the lack of blogs blame the tarpon this year they have just been mad after a 3 am start then a full days fishing just cant even see the puter screen but this week guys Rodney ( yes the boat has two Rodney’s this week ) and George are having a morning off.  Lee’s last day was a very windy one but after the tarpon which Lee had to sit out again with a bad back we went north and tucked in behind a bank to fish the calm water. If you look at a map of the Florida Keys you will see north of the Keys for nearly 25 miles banks and islands which all offer shelter, the wind in the photo is blowing nearly 20 mph but we have seas only 1 ft and very fishable.


So what do you catch in this shallow water well a lot and there is a saying here if there is enough water to cover the fishes back it could be there. Soon we had bait in the chum then the mackerel and trout came to the party then the shark came to eat the mackerel and trout what you would call a predator chain. So as they say match the hatch with the catch enjoy the small stuff with light rods or go bigger a wait for a shark.





So not the week Lee had planed but some very big tarpon and that is the main reason people come in May and it is called fishing not catching but as you can see from the smiles on the photos we did a lot of catching as well. Video clip is from this week George having fun on what we call sporty shark on a fly rod and an other one come up to see if he can get the bait very cool.