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Big bad barras

There is one fish out here in the Florida keys that is also very high on people’s wish list on our fishing holidays that is a big barracuda. Well most weeks we seem to be able to tick the box and some guys are very lucky and tick the box with some very big ones indeed. Cuda in the Keys are found everywhere from canals, flats, open water but the big ones always seem to like the wrecks we now have a stunning barracuda wreck in the bay. The other day with Rodney and George we were on the old seven mile wrecks after permit when the boat was in the middle of a pack of very hungry and bad barras. As a top predator they have it all a sett of teeth just designed for catching fish, the front ones long and spaced out to grab and hold, the back ones cut as fine as a surgeon’s knife. Most times once they have been hooked they jump and I over the years of fishing in the Florida Keys have seen them jump over 20 ft and one last year jumped into the boat. Back to Rodney and George’s day the plan had been to sit at anchor and wait for passing permit and have some fun with the big blue runners and snapper that also like the wrecks. The cuda had a very different idea a boat at anchor was a dinner bell and very few fish made it into the boat and at one stage fish were right under the boat just waiting for lunch. So what to do well as I often say you can only catch what is there so live bait on and in no time cuda on as it is such a good bait we kept just one.



This year the barracuda record has been broken with a 7 ft fish going over 102 lbs this was taken of Africa and is the Guinean barracua a very close cousin of our barracuda and I have spoken to divers in the Keys who have seen 100 lb fish over here also. The only problem with barracuda is they get very high levels of mercury and if eaten to often result in the ciguatera  a very nasty illness. The video clip shows the mayhem under