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More tarpon

At Fish the Dream fishing holidays in the Florida Keys we have become a victim of our own success and for the last few years we have been fully booked for the main tarpon season April, May and June now with taking on a local guide we will be able to offer double capacity during the tarpon run.  Just as I said for our now summer fishing all we be the same just as I have been running for now over 10 years the anglers come first and you just let us know what you want to catch and when you want to start and when you want to finish. In fact if you fish with Capt Brent you will get a bigger boat and his dad is doing the B + B and you will get a bigger room and no doubt a bigger breakfast just love the Americans. Will you get a bigger tarpon we will see I am up for the challenge as his he and yes I am lucky I have guided to a 209 lb tarpon what a beast and lost even bigger !



As I have said before the Florida Keys are so much more than just tarpon but you do have to tick the box and hope you don’t get tarponitus to bad. We have now had 116 different species back to the boat and fish over 1000 lbs if you want big and even 56 species in 6 days fishing if you want variety . I was recently told by a guest why he comes ever year, we are now over 75 % repeat, ” you just get it right and the guest is always number one ” well to me it is not rocket science the guy or girl has come 4000 miles and wants to catch fish and in the Florida Keys it is a no brainer. Talking of ladies fishing if you have a no fishing partner then the Florida Keys is a very good place to take them and I have lost count of the ladies who have come out and gone out for just one trip and then got the fishing bug big time.