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Not tarpon but

The other day we were watching the web cam at Bahai Honda and yes there were tarpon going through the bridge so post haste to the bait shop and load up with crabs and off we go.  Well in less than an hour we were drifting down the camera channel and yes there were tarpon the water was so clear you could see them from the boat so put the pick down and rods out.  Sorry to report then nothing not sure it was the cool night temps down 3 degrees or lack of run or the very clear water but Mr Tarpon and his mates were not having any of it.  Then as the run picked up we watched a guy in a kayak in rough water have a battle with a good size jack (  why people do this I am still not sure but he was in the main shipping lane in 25 ft rough water ) so we went and got some pinfish and joined the party.  Jacks a plenty fun even on the tarpon rods in over 3 mph tide what a good game as Bruce would say then bang one of the bridges many bull shark nailed a jack by the boat so I see a plan coming.



Had some fun the other day at anchor on the deeper ocean wrecks had a big shoal of spade fish on the surface in 115 ft of water they may not look much but on 10 lb line go nearly all the way down on the first run talk about schoolgirl giggles.  George also had one of the reddest fish you will ever see a Toro they dont do much but you need sunglasses to even look at them a very strange fish just one of the now 124 species to the boat in over 10 years of fishing holidays in the Florida keys.



A very cool video to end with a good size and very good eating yellow jack in just 12 ft water on a ocean dive site (  there were no boats diving  ) crystal clear water and you can see all his mates stayed with him right up to the boat.