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Well the other morning as they say a cunning plan was born over Helen’s Florida fry just love these planning meetings and this one nearly all came together.  By the way the link on my home page at the top left to the underwater web cam at Bahia Honda is up and running again thanks to my web guy  (  thanks John  )  so you can all see just what is swimming under the bridge as well and yes also get annoyed with the tarpon as we are at the moment.  Yes they are there but not sure why not feeding anyway the plan was to have a go in the dark then after breakfast at the state park, so cool can moor the boat right out side the cafe, back to the bridge tarpon again in the light with a back up plan jacks but this time we would have a shark rod.  Well we got there in the dark and sure enough a few tarpon showing on the sounder but as before not a single take so moor up for some food then start plan B maybe the water is still to cold.




Plan B stated very well this time a double jack for George and a fantastic gag grouper for Rodney such a shame out of season could just tasted those creamy white flakes but the guys who make are regs say they need this four month closed season and this is why the fishing in the Florida Keys is the best in the world. So with fresh bait put the boat between the bridges and shark bait out and in no time two very big bulls at back of boat and the cry I love, fish on, but this time soon the cry fish off it had gone straight through the main line but in a blur the skip had a new line out and again the cry fish on.  So started a near one hour fight this was one big puppy but I have to say a well-behaved one and the fight was in open water never once did it try to run through a bridge.  At the boatside my 100 lb dead lift could not even get the whole head out so this fantastic fish I would estimate very near 500 lb a fish off a lifetime and very well angled George.