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Tiger tiger

Well for two guys who at the start of their fishing holiday in the Florida Keys told me this time we dont think we will do big, in fact for the first few days they never had any shark rods on the boat, ended up with one of the best shark weeks ever.  I am often asked what is my faveroite looking fish and I have to say the tiger shark is very near the top just a stunning fish and the other day on a wreck some 20 miles out in Florida Bay we had one.  In just 12 ft of water sharks often visit these wrecks as they are a good food source and if you managed to get a bait past the grouper the wait is never to long.  Often as was the case with this near 300 lb fish the fight is on the top and tigers have a very distinctive tail so when I shouted tiger Rodney not me the other Rodney went into Go Pro mode, a tiger under the water way to cool.





Well all went well an other top class angling job and the fish was soon boat side video done and a very good one then the unpredictable side of shark fishing it went into unhappy mode.  I do try and get all my shark hooks out but I am sorry not this one the wire was cut we only use small hooks and single strand wire so this fish will soon loose its new iron ware.  I often have to tell my self caution first I have been sharking for nearly 20 years now and would like to do a few more.  The shark lift I was shown for black tip sends them into some sort of trance the first time a skip said would you like it on your lap I was surprised but it does make one very cool screen saver.