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Martin’s back

This blog should start over 50 years ago when two boys meet for the first time at school and through fishing became best friends and started a long fishing adventure which I hope goes on for a very long time.  I think it was something like ” if you come back to my house I can show you how to catch sticklebacks ” well I did and just using  sticks and just tying worms on with cotton, no hooks, we had fun. Through the years we have progressed to way to many rods and reels are first trips with mopeds when our fishing world got very big to the first car and yes we put our first boat on the roof total freedom.  So when Martin got in touch and asked if he could spend his 60 th out her the answer was a very big yes so for the last two parties Martin made up the numbers then we spent a very special two days together on my boat.  Below are some pics of his last trip and yes we do use shark as bait if you are a 300 lb + grouper you eat any thing you want







I think I work pretty hard my cuts and bruises say so but often I get emails that make it worth it have a look at the on I have just had from Bob Chambers the guy who has just had his first trip with me.

If anybody like myself was looking for the best big game fishing experience just 
check out  fishing the dream. I was a complete newbie but with skippers 
expertise had the best time ever.
I've just got back, already making plans  to revisit . This has been my most  
memorable fishing experience. Rodney will put you on the fish  whatever you 
looking for , what a skipper!
Do yourself a favour. Check out fishing the dream.