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Bromley boys part one

Sorry about the lack of blogs but as my Bromley boys get older they just seem to fish harder and this week we have had videos and pics all over the place so as their 10 th trip winds down at last a chance to blog on yet an other epic week.  Graham , Dave, John and Steve have had some seriously big fish this week and for once the weather gods have smiled big time this week with some of the flattest seas I have seen for a long time and hot, well one day even the skip had to swim round the boat to cool off.  The cuda wreck in the bay was on fire with the fattest bull shark I think I have ever seen, the take was as normal but after doing this for many years I just know when it is a case off throw the pick before the angler runs out of line and follow the fish.




I have to say John yet again did a sterling job and this was only ever going to end one way fish to the boat well done John and what a fish with my 100 lb dead lift I could not even get the head out so fish near or over 500 lb stunning. It took some doing but Graham managed a barracuda it can be frustrating with some times over 20 cuda slowly swimming round the boat and chasing the lure but turning away at the last moment. One day on the same wreck the jacks were ever where and to see a shoal run down and then take a popper just awesome with the jacks were a lot of black tip shark to about 100 lb and yes they were taking the poppers as well a lot ended in tears but we got one back to the boat.  If you are a lure fisherman let me tell you a 100lb shark in 10 ft of water on a light rod and a popper there is nothing that even comes close.