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Release Reels

Whilst at the moment and for the foreseeable future I am making my living from doing Fishing Holidays in the Florida Keys and yes it is going very well with nearly 80 % repeat bookings we must be doing something right, nearly all 2015 has gone best tarpon dates 2016 also gone.  However when a business opportunity comes up I like to think I am still able to take it on so when after dealing with Release Reels for nearly two years the chance came up to be a dealer in the UK  I just had to say yes.   I first came across Release two years ago when they launched the SG  ( small game multiplier ) two things grabbed my attention, Made in the USA and lifetime warranty, the handle looked kind of funky as well.   After many long chats to CEO and inventor Wes Slieger he sent me one to put it through real fish testing and boy did we give it a work out, in all fairness way beyond any thing it will ever have to do in the UK, and I even took it to the cold and deep waters of Norway.  Wes is on very clever man and way he has built the reel just shows he is a fisherman foremost but a thinking engineer as well, the reverse gearbox ( to stop winding wobble ) has a patent as does the new anti-reverse pawl system and the handle.




Its the attention to detail that just shows the class of this reel, reel base and cage bars are convex to give more line capacity and no worry about bunching.  The new longer and thicker reel foot is knurled to hold the reel better and on the reel clamp a hook holder so no need to scratch the reel at all, the whole reel is now assembled with grease from the aerospace  industry. The SG holds 300 yds of 50 lb braid and the LG holds 500 yds of 60 lbs both have ceramic spool bearings and carbon drag washers with a drag of 30 lb + for the SG and 40 lb + for the  LG and a good  6:1 gear ratio.  If you want bling Release can do it with many colour combination, different types of handles  ( and yes the strange one is amazing ) and of course left hand wind for all you leftie’s .



photo (2)



So whats it going to cost you here in the  UK well I have come up with   £ 269  for the  SG and  £ 399  for the LG but remember it has a lifetime warranty which we will deal with here in the UK so that is all you will ever have to pay, you will not find this on any other reel which just shows the faith Release have in there reel.  There is so much choice with colours, handles, left and right hand wind that all reels will be imported individualy so just get in touch  01668 216173  or email at to experince just how far reel development can go. The video shows a SG taking on and wining with a near 400 lb bull shark enough said !

The reel has just a very good review in this months magazine Boat Fishing Monthly by well known and respected feature writer Jim Whippy as Jim said fighting a big bass   ” in fact I had to look down at the spool sometimes to see if line was coming off the reel it is that smooth ” praise indeed.