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An amazing week

Capt Brent Kindell is doing an amazing job for me running our Fishing Holidays in the Florida Keys during the summer and the Keatings week was stunning.  Not only that frisky summer sail video shows by keeping the boat moving the fish stays very green and goes back a lot better but an eagle ray for young Harry.  The fish took a shrimp bait on a very light rod but with Harry’s growing skills and an hour of hard work the fish was by the boat well done.  The only one that hurt was catching a monster red snapper only to have to put it back they are not in season and boy do they taste good.  Brent made up for that with a superb snowy grouper we have only ever had one but I remember just how good that tasted yes I love my fish but I recon that if I eat fish five days a week I can have an expensive piece of cow on my meat day.

eagle ray

tim 5

tim 2

tim 4

tim 9

tim 3

tim 1

tim 8

I have one regular party from the Island of Jersey who I know are all keen spearfishermen and with this in mind I have decided to link up with a local spearfishing Captain to run spearfishing holidays.   The Capatin’s name is James Simcic and he had a purpose spearfishing boat and has been doing dive trips for many years check him out at  You would stay in our flat and much like Fish the Dream just let James know what you want and he will do it, his passion is free diving not sure I understand it but I cant think of a better place in the world to do it than the Florida Keys.