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The summer star

I still after all my years of doing Fishing Holidays in the Florida Keys get a wicked smile thing about newbies on their first trip to a local restaurant seeing dolphin fish on the menu.  Not sure why but the local name for dorado or mahimahi if you prefer and never managed to find out why so as they say answers on a postcard but what I do know this fish is the star of fishing in the Keys with peak numbers in the summer.  What really floats my boat about this fish it ticks all the boxes and then some you can catch it any way you want bait, spin, troll or fly when they are on the feed manic does not even come close.  A few years back after a heady day with them offshore and most on fly the more than happy angler said  ” you have just screwed all my UK fly fishing the sight of nearly 50 yellow, green and blue fish all trying to get to my fly first will be in my head forever “.







The facts about dorado still blow me away they live a max of 5 years most don’t even get to 3 and a local university found one that was just under a year old and went 39.9 lbs  yes 40 lb in their first year that’s just how hard they feed. They breed at just 4 months and many times in a year having over 100,000 eggs each spawn this is how they keep their numbers up an other interesting fact they have been clocked at 57.5 mph awesome.  One of our best fish over the years was had by a regular Leslie and as you can see by the photo nearly as big as her just an other day Leslie was showing the boys how to fish.  One of our biggest nearly 30 lb cow fish even took two baits at the same time I suppose when a fish sees food offshore they only have one thing on their minds that is to eat it and the fact they already have a hook in their mouth no problem. On a personal note you might already guessed it they are one if not the top fish in the keys on a plate yum yum .