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The Keys on fire

Yes I know I have used that title before but after over 12 years of running fishing holidays in the Florida Keys and lack of sleep  (  thanks tarpon  ) sometimes at 5 am the brain is a little tired and guess what with the tarpon running, massive permit on the wrecks and the tuna grounds loaded I reckon it is.  The bridges are loaded with the annual migration of tarpon through the Keys and this year as most its not only the tarpon there but an ever increasing amount of big and I mean over 1000 lb sharks who let us poor anglers do all the hard work then take your fish.  Yes I know its all natural that big fish eat smaller fish but when you have worked your butt off and fought the fish all round the bridge and got it into open water its just not cricket ! Photo shows the end of poor George,s first tarpon of this trip its not the first and certainly will not be the last such is tapon fishing in the Florida Keys.





Even lost a huge permit yesterday on the deep sea wrecks to a shark good news so far this week both Rodney ( an other Rodney ) and George have both had good permit to the boat.  There is this year enough tarpon at Bahia Honda bridge to fish and catch all day is you want and no crazy early starts in fact a first for me we had a tarpon the other day a long way away from the bridge in the open sea.  The strange thing about the fight was the fish went all the way back to the bridge much to the amusement of the captains fishing there with a  ” where the hell did you guys hook up ” my new secret spot.




The good news about the Keys it is just a week to go to the end of our closed season for all grouper maybe four months is a long time but boy am I looking forwards to those big creamy white fillets its been to long for me.  Just to rub it in one of George’s first fish was a keeper black grouper bet he went back telling his mates  ” bet that pissed them off ” guess what it did try you luck again next week my ice box awaits.