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Bait catching fun

After one of our breakfast day planing meetings we ended up 11 miles back into Florida Bay one day last week. The number one plan was first catch enough mackerel for a days sharking then off to the mad shark mark going via a wreck. The bay mackerel mark is a large area of bay grass not the turtle grass you find on the flats where the bones and permit feed. This grass is much longer and more dense and is populated by lots of small fish and top Florida Keys bait the pinfish. This day as normal the bait fish including herring arrived as expectedbut a slack tide meant the mackerel were a bit slow. When they arrived Chis had one of the biggest spanish mackerel we have had this year at a touch over 6lb imagine a full set of mackerel feathers with these all on.

Job done off to the mad shark mark via the wreck. On passing the wreck there was a boat on it and as these wrecks are small the local rule is first come first served so to the shark. Again the shark mark was a bit slow so I am wondering has this new mark lost its sparkle but as the tide was slow we decided to wait. True to form the shark showed up all sporty shark nothing over 50lb but on the light spinning rods fun many runs over 100 yds. Just a pain at the boat they just don’t know when to stop FUN FUN FUN. The record [ 31 ] was not broken we run out of time as a boat meeting decide we were going offshore the next day and need to get back to shop before they closed. Well that’s what they told me  but after over 20 shark they all looked well knackered as well, my job done as well you don’t come on a Fish the Dream holiday not to catch fish.

On a foot note it has become normal this year to play mind games with me. It involves catching my favorite food fish out of season and while we were catching bait Steven HAD to catch another big red grouper. I WILL BE BACK.