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The right mix ?

Its nice to have a party on a fishing holiday that like to mix it up and don’t fish 25/8. Don’t get me wrong I am as hardcore as the next guy but some times it helps me out to mend broken tackle and fettle the engines etc. When I first met John Slater he said his group liked the odd beer and what better place to do it than the Florida Keys and on there trip one night was planned in Key West. If you like the odd night out then a night in Key West should be on your bucket list, fun fun fun and no trouble. They had there share of       3am starts so one night out seemed fine by me, as I tell everyone the party controls the holiday start when you want and come back when you want.

This party really gelled as my wife Helen said the crack, banter what every you call it never stopped. This group of all ages have fished together many times and it showed, and are welcome back any time. As it has it there were a few not ticked boxes not a ploy on my part to get them back but there are so many boxes to tick in the Florida Keys very few do it all on one trip.