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As big as it gets

After running fishing holidays in the Florida Keys for over 7 years now and fishing there for over `12  I am often asked whats be the best fish ever. Well I am very lucky was it our first 200lb + tarpon [ it is now so much better to calculate the weight on the tarpon and bonefish trust website, than take a guess these weights are accurate to 2lb ] but at 208lb it must be up there. Or was it my 13lb 7oz bonefish again weight calculated to 2oz on measurements. Or Lees 1000lb + hammerhead shark and an epic 2hr 23min fight. Or the two 800lb + sawfish in just 10ft of water. Or the stunning white marlin for Jerry from Jerrys of Morecambe. The list just goes on and on we at Fish the Dream have been very lucky. The one that tops it for me was a fish we did not even catch but were all lucky enough to just spend some time with a Whale Shark far of in the deep blue Atlantic.

We were permit fishing at the time when a shout from an other boat alerted us to this monster, and what a fish she or he was just slowly swimming by feeding. To say we were all gobsmacked was an understatement it was huge its a good job they are peaceful fish the power they could generate would be staggering. This was not a big one, looking on the web the biggest went 41.5 ft and the heaviest came in at 79,000 lb, now that’s one big puppy. After swimming round the boats it just disappeared into the depths yes I am one very lucky guy.