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Well done Capt Ron

Snowbee’s sponsored boat in the SKA, southern kingfish association, has won an other national event. Under Capt Ron Mitchell team Bandit won the Fort Pierce Summer Slam. During a some what quiet day Capt Ron went his  own way and managed to find a good fish that went 35.89 lb not big for a king mackerel but big enough to win the event.

With that fish adding to all Ron’s other fish for the season including a stunning fish of 56.24 lb at the Jensen beach event Ron ended the season in division 8 with 118.16 lb taking the division class title. Ron is second in the angler of the year and it is all going down to the last event the national championships so good luck. If you want to follow Snowbee’s team Bandit just go to and get a taste of competition fishing  USA style.

All this has been done on a new rod for Snowbee, the Kingfish special which I have been involved with from the start. We started of with the already excellent Snowbee deep blue boat rod but had to develop a new tip. This was very soft giving a test curve of just 1.5lb but very strong to deal with the 50 lb + fish and the rod had to quickly change into a normal boat rod. This action allows the angler to watch the movements of live baits which change when the big kings arrive and act as a bit of a shock absorber when the fish hits. Well as Capt Ron says this rod is spot on and he has the results to prove it. Snowbee is moving into the sea fishing world in a big way and it is well worth checking them out at  they are much more than waders and fly gear now.

We at Fish the dream have also had a cracking year in the Florida Keys with king mackerel. On of our top weeks fishing holiday was that of Rob Shipley and the boys from Jersey on their annual trip. Rob nailed not one but two smoker kings in just two casts I don’t know who was more surprised the fish or Rob. As I have said many times the Florida Keys are so much more than just tarpon in fact at the last count in 7 years we have now had over 105 species.