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Well done again

The guys at the Florida Wildlife have got it so right again taking fish off and putting fish back on. First four species of shark have nowgained full protection in all Florida waters, tiger shark and three species of hammerhead. Why do some people kill these shark well not for food and not even in our waters for the fins. The answer the teeth, yes the teeth. These beauty creatures have been around for millions of years and have developed teeth to do the job. Apparently it is cool to wear a tooth round your neck, sorry I just don’t get it but no more can you get your tooth from a shark in Florida. I have always believed the tiger to be the most attractive of all the shark and a few years ago we were lucky enough to catch a small one. Being small it made the spots more noticeably, who looking at the photo cant say this is not one pretty shark.

Next reg change fish back on, our spotted sea trout after next year will no longer have a closed season. It will still have size and bag limits but the boffins have said numbers are high enough to allow all year harvest. To me changes like this keep the faith in the anglers who always moan they just take and never give well they have. Also at the meeting at long last there was talk about making the Florida Keys a new separate area. We come under many different control zones which make it hard to police and confusion for anglers. Maybe if we become a new zone at last they can do something about my pet hate Goliath groper but that is a different story.