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Flying fish [ shark ]

During my Christmas break I have been doing a bit of office work and going through some old photos and came across a very special one that was taken about five years ago. As any one on a fishing holiday knows one of my all time personal favorites in the Florida Keys is the black tip or spinner shark.  As a game fish they have it all, long hard runs 100yds no problem, stunning takes and on 30lb spinning rods as good as it gets. Their only down side they can be a pain at the boat I remember an angler confessing after 19 times round the boat and under the anchor that if he had gone passed the bait knife one more time he would have cut the line. The jumps can be spectacular and I rember with this one guest said I think I got it on camara. Normaly with digitals you just get the splash but yes he did it and we have the picture of a shark well out of the water well done.

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