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101 Not Out

Strange title for blog, but with the recent cricket scores from down under and yet another new weird and wonderful fish, I put my research hat on.

Great to see Dave, Leslie and Stuart again for their second trip this year and Brian, another regular, came with them. During a windy day we found ourselves deep in the mangroves and Leslie found herself attached to a strange fish. Not long before, I had seen a picture of a guitar fish in a mag so, sounding like a prof I declared, “Oh, that’s a guitar fish”.

We have always been lucky with strange fish and, with the reference books, I decided to count up all the different species we have caught. It came as a big surprise that the total is now 101. Foot note to the guitar fish: if we had got it back live it was worth $500+.

The rest of the week the fish was good as normal, nice to see the fly rods out again, and Brian certainly had his fair share of good fish including a 150lb+ stingray (full story next blog) shark and mac.

Back to the capture of the guitar fish – Leslie always does well, and the way she handled probably the biggest bull shark I have ever seen was top notch. Well done.

Back in the UK for the holidays so if anyone wants to phone, please call on 01668 216173.

Stay warm,


3 2 1

3 2 1 doesn’t refer to Dusty Bin but the number of times my first party this session have been fishing with me.  Kevin: 3 times,  Dave: twice and, newcomer to Fish the Dream, John.

Maybe a better title for the blog would be: “It all comes to those who wait”, and we had to wait when, after a promising first afternoon with a 200lb+ shark, the weather turned a bit windy.  I always tell guests, if you imagine a flat calm day I have 200+ spots to take you to but as the wind speed gets up the number decreases.  It’s also very hard for people who have been before, as they just want to get back to a favourite mark.  Well this was the case this week, when 20mph winds from the north kept us tucked in on the south side of the island and in the mangroves.   Plenty of small fish and always the chance of a big one but it was not where we all wanted to be, and newcomer John was wondering what all the hype was about.  But I suppose we were catching.

Last day and the pressure was on, so we just went for it.  I am lucky with my boat as big seas are no problem, so north 20 miles into the bay to a favourite wreck.

Well she did not let us down and the weather gods smiled as well, with dropping winds it was full on ’till dark.  Goliath grouper to 150, spinner shark to 80, keeper snapper and gag grouper.  Soon in the chum slick we had ballyhoo, the candy of all the mackerel in the Keys, and when a 7lb cero hit the deck out came the sushi kit and shore lunch at sea – YUM YUM.

To finish the day and trip off, it was fitting that newcomer John found out what the Keys is all about and after dancing around the boat a 30lb+ king mackerel was boated.

Well done John and all.  I hope to see you all again for the 4 3 2 trip.


PS Thanks all for letting me do no lifting to aid my hernia recovery.

When a Dream Comes True part 2

Sorry yet again for the long delay between blogs – tarpon season just crazy.  One party nearly killed me with just short of 90 hrs guiding for the week, and when you add on boat preparation, rods and bait, it’s a long week.

John is doing a great job running Fish the Dream at the moment.  Check his blogs out  It was surreal the other day… John is no mechanic, so when we had a small engine problem I talked him through the repair with the aid of Skype and a web cam.  Well done, John!

Back to the title.  Now that guests are on multiple trips we are starting to get wish lists and one such recent group were Roy and Bill.  Roy has always wanted to catch a big king mackerel so on his last trip this was the mission, and despite going to all the right places and trying all the right methods, the big king was playing hard to get.  You now the saying, the harder you try the harder it gets.  Big kings often stay far back in the chum so with this in mind on our last trip a blue runner was placed way back and the rod just left in a rod holder.  Fishing all day we forgot about the rod but then all hell broke lose, fish on.  Roy has a lovely gentle approach to fighting fish and it works.  After a long fight the fish was boated at over 40lb – a big king.  Job done!

Now back to a more up to date note.  It’s nice after all my years in the Keys to find a new mark and this year we have found a pemit and tarpon mark well away from the dangers of the bridges.  It was on this mark, after a tough week of windy weather, that regular Lee Jasper had a near 30 permit.  Well done, Lee.

Footnote: oil, what oil?  The oil is hundreds of miles away, look at the maps, and is very unlikely to ever reach the Keys despite media scaremongering.  I am very sorry for the people in the northern gulf but luckily here in the Keys it shouldn’t be a problem.

Pics this blog are Roy’s mackerel and Lee’s permit.

Cheers, Rodney.