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Flats fun

Last week on one of our exploring days found a new flat. A long way from home but the more miles from the mainland the less fishing pressure. Perfect flat just big enough the right amount of grass and open areas rock and roll. Water temp to low after a couple of cold windy nights the sea temp was down to 68 to cold for bonefish who drop off into warmer deeper water. However one of my pet sayings is you can only catch whats there and after a few casts with shrimp we found good keeper size trout.

The spotted seatrout is a scrappy free taking fish and is top table fare and does not mind cold water. It is also a prime example of Florida fish management. It has closed seasons for spawning which differ state wide and a slot size limit. You can only take fish between 15 in and 20 in but you can keep one over 20 in in a total bag of 4 per person per day. Makes sense and after years of checking fish numbers seems to work. Talking of table fare I do love eating fish and Brian caught a top eating fish the other day a sheepshead. This fish has a nearly exclusive diet of shellfish which gives it one of the best food values here.

Brian who has been coming on fishing holidays here for many years is still blow away catching different species evey time he comes. We at Fish the Dream are now over 100 species and the base record is 55 different ones in just 6 days fishing. Back to the day on the new flat after we had enough trout and saying we will be back for the bones and permit we noticed feeding birds not far away. Feeding birds in the Florida Keys always means fish and these were no excepetion. First cast bang a reef shark, not big at 20lb but on light tackle they pull your string big time. Once they are in a feeding mood like this they will take anything. To see a shark hunt down a top water lure just amazing.

Yesterday a lady angler nailed a shark a lot bigger than herself and I mean a LOT bigger next post.

3 2 1

3 2 1 doesn’t refer to Dusty Bin but the number of times my first party this session have been fishing with me.  Kevin: 3 times,  Dave: twice and, newcomer to Fish the Dream, John.

Maybe a better title for the blog would be: “It all comes to those who wait”, and we had to wait when, after a promising first afternoon with a 200lb+ shark, the weather turned a bit windy.  I always tell guests, if you imagine a flat calm day I have 200+ spots to take you to but as the wind speed gets up the number decreases.  It’s also very hard for people who have been before, as they just want to get back to a favourite mark.  Well this was the case this week, when 20mph winds from the north kept us tucked in on the south side of the island and in the mangroves.   Plenty of small fish and always the chance of a big one but it was not where we all wanted to be, and newcomer John was wondering what all the hype was about.  But I suppose we were catching.

Last day and the pressure was on, so we just went for it.  I am lucky with my boat as big seas are no problem, so north 20 miles into the bay to a favourite wreck.

Well she did not let us down and the weather gods smiled as well, with dropping winds it was full on ’till dark.  Goliath grouper to 150, spinner shark to 80, keeper snapper and gag grouper.  Soon in the chum slick we had ballyhoo, the candy of all the mackerel in the Keys, and when a 7lb cero hit the deck out came the sushi kit and shore lunch at sea – YUM YUM.

To finish the day and trip off, it was fitting that newcomer John found out what the Keys is all about and after dancing around the boat a 30lb+ king mackerel was boated.

Well done John and all.  I hope to see you all again for the 4 3 2 trip.


PS Thanks all for letting me do no lifting to aid my hernia recovery.