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Up the Creek Without a Paddle

Firstly, a Happy Christmas and a Good New Year to all our past, present and future customers at Fish the Dream. I hope I’ve made a few dreams come true and I’ll do all I can to make new ones come  true.

Weather – back in the UK this sucks big time! Never seen so much deep snow and low day time temps.

As someone said, global warming where is it I want to go. Even had a few cold fronts in the Keys. If they aren’t too long it just fires up the fish and makes them move to find warmer water. With our boat it is always possible to go further offshore and find warmer water and fish.

Bach to blog title, the thing I love about the Keys is it’s always possible to fish despite the winds. It was on on such day recently, to get out of the wind, we went up a mangrove system. As regulars will know, I always like one big rod down in the Keys – there are some VERY big fish in very shallow water. With a live bait down, Brian sat it out while the rest of the party were having fun with the normal run of smaller fish in the mangroves. Then Brian shouts “fish on” and something very large starts to drag him around the mangroves. We had to up tie off and follow.  After a very hard fight we got the fish to the boat, a huge sting ray well into the 100s possible 150+. Well done, Brian, and it’s always nice to prove a theory right.

We have managed to keep our prices down with no price increase for 2011. So, don’t just dream, come and Fish the Dream!

All the best again,

Rodney and Helen

101 Not Out

Strange title for blog, but with the recent cricket scores from down under and yet another new weird and wonderful fish, I put my research hat on.

Great to see Dave, Leslie and Stuart again for their second trip this year and Brian, another regular, came with them. During a windy day we found ourselves deep in the mangroves and Leslie found herself attached to a strange fish. Not long before, I had seen a picture of a guitar fish in a mag so, sounding like a prof I declared, “Oh, that’s a guitar fish”.

We have always been lucky with strange fish and, with the reference books, I decided to count up all the different species we have caught. It came as a big surprise that the total is now 101. Foot note to the guitar fish: if we had got it back live it was worth $500+.

The rest of the week the fish was good as normal, nice to see the fly rods out again, and Brian certainly had his fair share of good fish including a 150lb+ stingray (full story next blog) shark and mac.

Back to the capture of the guitar fish – Leslie always does well, and the way she handled probably the biggest bull shark I have ever seen was top notch. Well done.

Back in the UK for the holidays so if anyone wants to phone, please call on 01668 216173.

Stay warm,