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Footnotes SKA

Last few thoughts on SKA event at Key West. Some people ask how do they get the somewhat large boats to all the events in different states. They just tow them and a 900 hp 31ft boat needs a big truck and trailer. For those of you who like your trucks they do them big over here. Team Bandits is no exception, hands up all who would like to drive this baby. The 6 wheel trailers do have very special brakes and Capt Ron told me the negative g forces are amazing on braking.

To put these boats in and out most marinas have big forklifts and i mean big. The one at Key West will lift 52000lbs and boats to over 40ft. This means the trailer never gets wet and all the special brakes stay dry. Still they must get a bit twitchy when their boats are on the lift.

In on corner of the dock spotted a realy cool customs boat. Key West is only 90 miles from Cuba so they have to have a fast boat to catch the bad guys. One person told me the motors are tune to over 300hp that 4 x 300  1200hp and some one gets paid to drive that. Tough job but someone has to do it but some of the guys will not come quietly me thinks.

Back to the fishing holidays yesterday we found a new flat. At some 25 miles deep into Florida Bay it will have little fishing pressure. Water temps a bit low for bones but we had some very good trout then went casing feeding birds and found lots of small, 20 to 30lb shark get fun on light tackle. Today offshore to look at some deep drop offs always exciting.