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Pheromones ??

I have a whole two days of before next party so try to catch up on a very full on last week with Jane and Richard. A question that’s always been in the mind of us male anglers what is it with female anglers and big fish. Ever since that day in 1922 when Miss Georgina Ballamtine broke the salmon record with a fish of 64lb we have suffered. OK the Florida Keys is a pretty good place to take the other half on a fishing holiday but why do they do so well. I have had to think long and hard on this, maybe there just good anglers, maybe its just because they do what I tell them, or maybe its just those damn pheromones. The other day just proves the point, it was a bit windy so we found shelter behind a bank some 12 miles back in Florida Bay. We are so lucky in the Florida Keys that whatever the weather we can find somewhere to fish. The water dropped from 3ft on the bank to 8ft so pick down and chum and oil out. Very soon the bait arrived and in the chum we spotted ballyhoo a top bait out they went on a classic mackerel stinger rig. Then the mackerel arrived not the kings of last week but very large cero and spanish and when I say large I mean large. First a 7lb spanish for Ricard these fish hit the baits so hard even coming right out of the water the take is so fast.

Then to prove my point of this blog Jane was on big time long hard runs this must be a big king but no a 10lb cero. Well done Jane not many people down here have ever seen a 10lb cero let alone caught one. One thing about this week Richard was a very good technical angler using his skills from fighting carp on light tackle to very good effect on the sea. Jane a new comer to sea fishing took to it all like a duck that’s never seen land and taught me some naughty Thai words when fighting big fish happy memories.

Chef orders tuna

Sorry about the delay in post blame the tarpon and a very full on week with new guests Jane and Richard. Its getting a bit spooky this wish list thing, Jane is a sushi chef from Thailand and on her wish list was tuna no surprise there. The main tuna grounds are on an area called the humps some 25 miles offshore so the weather needs to be ok for the run. Are boat is just fine in big seas offshore but it is all about enjoying your fishing holiday so we tend to pick good days for tuna. On Richards list was dorado so on their second day with only slight winds we decided to troll offshore. With the classic sett up two long baits and two baits in the prop wakes we found some very fishy water in 220ft then bang fish on. No jump as dordado do just a hard fight and the fish stayed deep then colour and then TUNA well did we have a happy lady or what.

Now when there are tuna around out comes a very special lure. This lure has been around since the 30s before the job of the lure was to catch the fisherman first. Today proved my point very well. The cedar plug as it is known out fished all the other bait 3 to 1 finish is wood and paint is none.

Well we had fun on the small but fisty black fin keeping three and putting the rest back. Until you have had seared blackfin just hours old you have not had tuna. We tried hard for dorado but the water was very coloured and talking to the big boats the fish were some 25 to 30 miles out. The tuna are so good and its best not let them  get old so back to the dock with on VERY happy lady and blackfin is one fish I love to fillet badly so I can eat the trimmings raw.