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Monster trigger

With a fair forecast and stories of tuna and silky shark the other day the float plan was offshore starting at a wreck in 120 ft and then a slow trip out to the tuna grounds. The wreck we had chosen to start is the old mine layer Thunderbolt and was sunk by the US navy as part of their artificial reef program. She is a 189 ft and sits in 120 ft of water about 4 miles offshore and has structure up to about 60 ft below the surface making it a very fishy place. The only problem you sometimes get in the Florida Keys is you can’t stop a big fish taking a small bait or a fish with teeth taking a mono trace so to put it mildly we were trashed big time. But it did mean a lot of screaming drags and bent rods but not a lot back to the boat but eventually Mike had a nice amberjack on deck for the money shot. Then as the weather got even better we decided to start the 20 mile trip to the tuna grounds. Half way out the weather turned a nasty confused sea and not nice at all so turn round and plan B which was rough ground fishing on the edge of the reef in about 110 ft.




I am so lucky to live and work in a fishery that gives me so many choices here in the Florida Keys sometimes I even have to many places to go to often wonder what if we had gone to there instead. Back to the rough ground fishing at plan B well it was not long before the rods were bent and then Steve was into a fish on a light rod that did not want to come up at all. Steve did a fantastic job and soon we had colour, the water was so clear you could see the fish well over 50 ft down and this was a strange one indeed. A monster trigger, we catch a lot of these hard fighting fish but this was twice as big as anything I have ever seen before. At just over 5 lb and some 20 in to the fork a very fine specimen indeed the record is over 10 lb but all the same a stunning fish on light tackle. Mike ended the day with a very good Margate and said to say ” you never know what is going to come up next ” just the joy of the Florida Keys.