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When it gets tough

The saying goes when it gets tough the tough get going I have to give Ricard and Lolly Perry ten out if ten for doing just that last week on their Fishing Holiday in the Florida Keys.  The one thing that still gets to me and I know it should not is the weather yes I know I am very lucky here in the Keys even with winds over 30 mph we can still go boat fishing and last week we did just that we found shelter on the lee side of the island and behind banks in the bay and at the channels at 7 mile bride.  Yes I was lucky as well that both Richard and Lolly just love catching fish of any size I have often said when you lose the joy of catching small fish you have lost so much. However when each morning you are greeted by 20 to 30 mph winds and looking at forecasts where there is no break and knowing that most of the near 300 marks in the GPS are going to be a no go it sucks.  At the end of their holiday with their big smiles as normal both Richard and Lolly said what a great time they both had and told me their tally for the four days of fishing was  26 species and total of 161 fish to the boat.





On a personal note this was a very special trip for me as well after all my heart problems of the summer I was not totally sure how it was going to go and in rough seas as well.  Well happy to report I was fine and having Capt Mike on board was a great success as well.  With his 100 ton licence his boating skills were never in question what did exceed my expectations was his people skills he is just a natural with our guests Ricard taking the time to tell me  ” you have found a top guy there just fantastic ” just the heart medicine I needed.  So rest assured Fish the Dream is going from strength to strength and with Mike aboard we will me offering even more holidays here in the Florida Keys where we will make your fishing dream come true.

A long way for a Lady

Over 12 years of doing Fishing Holidays in The Florida Keys I have been privileged to fish with many people and it is great to welcome back Richard and Lorranie  Perry.  Richard is over to celebrate his 50 th and as I have been told more than once recently  ” getting old is a privilege not enjoyed by everyone ” but I am sure he has many more birthdays planed.  The one thing I absolutely love about Richard and Lolly is they both just GET fishing and are just as happy to catch no matter what the size in my opinion the way fishing should be.  Not sure the weather gods are singing happy birthday first day winds to over 30 mph and very dirty water yesterday winds dropped to 20’s so we were able to push to some mid bay banks for shelter.  Still way below good fishing conditions but both Richard and Lolly were having a blast catching what was behind the boat in the chum I can still hear the laughter when catching ballyhoo for bait became a whole new sport in its own right.  It’s a toss-up which fish was Richard’s birthday best one of the biggest ladyfish for a long time or a fantastically marked spotted seatrout both were welcome and enjoyed.



Lolly joined the birthday celebrations with bluefish and maybe the first spanish mackerel of the season not what I had planed for Richards birthday but as they say you can only catch whats there and top marks to both of them to despite poor conditions and heat way over 100 degrees in the sun they both stuck at it.



This blog also welcomes and introduces Mike Sovay to the Fish the Dream team.  Mike comes from upstate New York and after some time in the military came to the Florida Keys as fully trained diver then recently obtained his 100 ton Captain’s licence.  As you have seen on recent blogs I have had health problems so an extra pair of hands was a must and as you can see from the photos heavy is not a problem for Mike.  The first trips with him have even been better than I expected he is very quick to learn and his people skills top rate maybe I should have done this a few years ago but age just seems to come from nowhere.  So its onwards and upwards for Fish the Dream health problems and bad weather can’t keep us down we will make your dream come true.

Surfs up

Well Wes Seigler and the guys at Truth Reels in Virginia have done it again and have brought out a game changing star drag surf reel.  Not only will this reel kill on hard ground heavy beach fishing but I think will blow guys away uptiding as well.  Wes is a guy who looks at reels and just in-house in the USA makes them better and with a bit of help from yours truly tweaks them as well till he gets it right as he has done with the Surf  SM.  The first prototypes lacked a spool tensioner but the new one I got my hands on this week has one and it works very well.  In the next few days I will be getting one of to Sea Angler as I am sure they can put this beauty to some serious testing and have guys who can cast a lot better than me. Not sure about UK price I think it will be in the low threes but like all the Truth Reels I sell it comes with a full UK life time warranty and this reel will be very at home in boats as well as the beach so one reel does all.

truth surf


The reel has a signature bridgeless design allowing easy thumb control and big spool shoulders for guys who like to control the cast as well.  It has a fully floating spool on ceramic bearings and magnetic cast control with a mechanical spool tensioner as well so you can play at you hearts content.  The 4 carbon drag system works on the oversize main gear not on the drive shaft and gives a class leading 24 lbs of drag this gear is also at  6:1 so a very fast reel as well.  All this comes in at just over 16 oz and it will take a good 275 yards of 20 lb mono and of course a lot more braid if you prefer. So there you have a star drag done right and I know the next thing to come out of Wes’s amazing head is his take on the heavy fly reel and this one will BLOW you away.

Modeus Operandi

Or for all you non Romans out there  ” Method of Operation ” after 12 years of running Fishing Holidays in the Florida Keys we are having to change a few things both being caused by other people one my maker and two my landlord.  Sorry about the lack of blogs we have been on the road/plane  trip back to the Keys and after a personal tough summer with health problems we decided to break the trip and tick the wife’s New York to do list.  In all fairness not as bad as I expected except Macy’s how can something which has had $ 100 taken off still be a BARGIN at $ 200 and yes the views on top of the Empire State building were amazing.



So whats new about our holidays well if you have been following this blog this year I have had not one but three heart attacks the good news all now under control just on heavy meds and no opp for at least a year bad news I have been banded from any heavy lifting.  Now regulars will know most days for me that as they say this is a given for me so we have decide to take on a young fully licensed Captain for all the heavy stuff and he will also be able to help with all the fishing stuff so a bit like having two of me on the boat so less waiting for rigs or fish taking off. Two other changes we after 7 years are having to give up our current property and might look at an other option of tailoring accommodation  to each guest, last year offered the up grade to a private villa with single rooms and a pool to a group and it went down rather well.  Like wise we have guests who I know would take non waterside cheaper accommodation and spend more on fishing at the moment it is just an idea please let me know by email what you think.



Some good news this is the time of year with the help of accountants we look at our pricing and again for the fourth year we are keeping the base price at  £ 125 a day for accommodation, fishing and free car hire but the guiding for which you now get two people goes up £ 5 an hour for the entire party however the now low-cost of fuel covers this rise.  The other slightly sad bit of news is that my wife who suffers with progressive MS is no longer up to doing breakfasts we will up grade the cooking in the flat to better self catering like Norway but have a deal with the local deli who will do a fully cooked meal for just £ 4 if you don’t want to cook.




I hope you all understand these changes and fingers crossed if I get the all clear we can carry on ticking boxes and making dreams come true for many a year