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Fun in the sun

Sorry yet again for the lack of blogs my somewhat strange health life has just become even stranger.  After last years three heart attacks I have been waiting for open heart surgery to replace a valve and an artery to get life back on track.  However the last few months I have been getting weaker thinking this was just heart problems living with it.  My doctors had other thoughts as the heart was not that bad so it had to be something else and it looks more than likely that I have contracted LEMS a rare autoimmune disease.  Not all bad however as it is treatable and hoping I become well enough to at last have the surgery to get back to full and fishy life.  Enough of my life I have to say once more a massive thanks to Capt Mike Sovay for keeping our Fishing Holidays in the Florida Keys bang on track and for the last week has been fishing with Arron Standing, a regular at Fish the Dream and his friend Jake Casson.

arron 2

arron 4

arron 5

The one big advantage fishing in the Florida Keys this time of year is the water temp of mid 80’s  30 centigrade is the water is just so inviting and many times a quick dip is just so refreshing.  I will have to ask Arron about the photo of a truly massive lady fish they are so much fun on light tackle and are often called the poor man’s tarpon I hope they weighed it.  Also Capt Mike sent photos of the latest craze in the Keys, swimming with grouper, for a few years now it has been illegal to take a goliath grouper out of the water.  There never seems a good way to show just how big these fish are however if you swim with one you see just how big they are very cool boys and great photo Mike who also took all the photos in this blog.

arron 6


arron 1

So if you find yourself in Florida this summer come on down to the Keys and let us Fish your Dream.