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Videos lost and found

Well with all the fun I had with my upgrade to Windows 10 my advice don’t it cost my a good laptop and a lot of lost files ect yes I know I should have backed up a lot more which I do now but you dont think an up grade will cause problems but my Windows 10 did.  I did have nearly all my photos of over 12 years of doing Fishing Holidays in the Florida Keys but some good underwater videos seemed to have gone for ever, however while going through some old memory sticks I had backed up and saved a lot of videos phew !


The first one a good release of a tarpon at the boat no matter how good the fight is and with tarpon is not just hooking the fish, it has to stay on during the many jumps you have the fun of getting it out from the bridges then there is always the worry of it being a snack for a 1000 lb shark.  So with all that in mind it is the best feeling to see it swim away to maybe do it all again with an other angler.

Next video shows the power of one of our goliath grouper such a fun fish and watching the video you can see with that huge power house tail and boy does it use it.  The first few seconds are the most important we used locked drags and just drag the fish out of the dangers of the wrecks if it turns its head flaps that tail its game over.

Last video is one of the Keys many hammerhead shark we have had them to well over 1000 lbs and they are nothing but a pain during tarpon season but have to be one of the best looking shark in the sea.  Many times when we have lost  a tarpon the angler says ” that was a pain but just awesome ” and the ease that they just bite a 100 lb fish in half just amazing.