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Season’s Greetings

All at Fish the Dream Fishing Holidays in the Florida Keys wish all our past, present and future customers a very  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and fantastic and fishy  2017.


Schooner Wharf Lighted Boat Parade 2014

As we start our 14 th year of offering holidays in the Florida Keys we have had to make a few changes but the prime object of mine has always been about catching fish and with 127 species to the boat so far and the best week  55 different species we are still on course.  To me this is what the Keys have always been about not just the massive tarpon and huge grouper and shark but just the variety  of fish and many different ways of fishing.  Ticking boxes is what we do and with many people now coming back on their 10 th trip is appears we seem to be getting right.  One thing I have noticed more and more the guys who come to just have a good time always seem to do well, yes you can try to hard have the basics right knots, hooks ect and the rest will just fall into place.  I was taught many years ago always try to learn from a lost fish so as not to do it again or use every bad experience as a leaning curve.


Nice to see the local coastguard getting into the festive spirit I have always had total respect for the Florida Coastguard and it the many times we have been stopped at sea for a safety check we have always passed with flying colours.  In fact they are always impressed with our over stocking of all safety equipment I have had over the years always worked on the principal two is better than one and 25 miles offshore the shops are a long way away.  So here is hoping for an epic 2017 and ticking more boxes but please remember have fun.


Rupert’s week part two

Ever since I have known Rupert he has always been a big fish guy, years ago I witnessed an epic fight on his boat in the North Sea with a massive porbeagle shark and it was only going to end one way fish to boat and so it was.  So knowing of all the 100 lb plus fish we catch all I had to do was get him to the Florida Keys and it would be game on.  At last year I managed to get him over and the rest is history hook, line and sinker as they say he was hooked.  On his first Fishing Holiday in the Florida Keys one fish did it more than the others I think, our good old brawler the Goliath Grouper.  We are so lucky now having many shallow water marks where these awesome fish live take baits freely grow to over 500 lb and beat you up better than Mike Tyson so on his current trip I knew just what he was going to ask our captain to target and how right was I was.






A few video clips with this blog and sorry about the somewhat colourful language but it a load of boys and mega grouper so it’s not going to be  ” what a nice big fish ” you can always turn the sound off.  Will we ever get one of the granders back to boat time will tell its a very hard balance of line strength and reel drag we have even been broken off using 200 lb line. There is just so much power and they use it so well and know all the places to hide in the wrecks the odds are always on their side.  Something has to be done about the numbers though these fish eat up to 10 % of their body weight and the total ban on harvest has meant on some wrecks now there is little else again time will tell.  I admire the US fish regulations but when you give an apex predator total protection it can get out of hand and numbers in my opinion need to be controlled for the benefit of all fish stocks.