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2016 Review Part One

First a belated Happy New Year to all and as we start our 14 th year of Fishing Holidays in the Florida Keys its always good to look back on a year.  Whilst there have been some changes to Fish the Dream due to circumstances out of my control our mission statement remains the same, to provide small party custom designed fishing holidays.  The paying angler has always been our driving force, start the holiday when you want, fish as many days as you want, fish for what you want, start and finish the day when you want we are always there for our guests and happy to change anything to give you a better holiday just ask.






It was great to start the year with my oldest fishing friend  Martin and  Brian.  Martin has been bringing a smile to my face for over 50 years and I always love to watch the style of Brian a true technical fisherman.  Not the best of the weather at the start of the year but here we have two guys who just like catching fish and with the topography of the Keys bad weather no problem.  I often say on a flat calm day we now have near 500 marks in the GPS as the wind picks up the number of marks drop but you can still fish.  For the traveling angler it often seems surreal but on days with winds over 20 mph we will travel deep into Florida Bay to fish on the leeward side of banks that come up to 6 in deep taking all the wave action off the water.  The one thing you need to keep in mind that in the Keys big fish do not need deep water our all time biggest fish well over  1000 lbs was hooked in just 10 ft of water.




One of my fun memories of  2016 was when Capt Mike asked  Dylan Bruce and Brian what was their biggest fish ever.  Mike was becoming very good at catching our goliath grouper so fish to 400 lbs are common so it was normally easy to give a new comer a new PB. When Mike asked them what was their biggest fish ever the look on his face was priceless when the replies came back, 500 lbs,  600 lbs and 800 lbs they were marlin fishermen.  It was great as always to see at the start of the year my Jersey boys now on their 11 th trip again a group who just get it so right and I have got old with them over the years. Smile of their week seeing poor old Rob destroyed by an amberjack in over 500 ft of water despite good advise letting a very large jig go down to deep I said it would only end in pain and it did.




My local boys the Slater party whilst they enjoy their fishing and are very good at it still like the holiday part of a Fishing Holiday and always have a good time in the Keys when they are off the boat and without fail every year they come on more than one occasion I will be reduced to tears of laughter.  More of the changes to Fish the Dream in my next blog but what ever happens in 2017 we will be ticking boxes and making dreams come true.