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John’s week

It was great to see John, Ian and Dereck back again for their annual  Fishing Holiday in the Florida Keys.  They are right up there as one of my top crews who just get how to have a fishing holiday.  Yes they come to catch fish and yes they all like big but to them its a bit more than just about fishing.  Most years they like to coincide their trip with the local Marathon Sea Food festival this had been going now for many years and is not just about the local seafood but all things to do with the sea from fishing to boats and all in between.  This year with good weather an other great success and a good time was had by all and from the tans and stories John’s crew was one of them.  If any one else is interested just look up Marathon Sea food festival and you can see what it is all about.





John came round the other day to let me catch up on all the fishing stories and just to say how much he enjoyed the fishing and how well he got on with our new Captain Drew Meyer.  Capt Mike has moved on the lure of a bigger boat, bigger engines is just what happens in the Florida Keys I wish him well and both myself and my wife have many happy memories not only when he was our Captain but from the time he stayed in our house at one stage I thought Helen my wife wanted to adopted him she certainly feed him well.  Captain Drew is fitting very well and all the crews have had nothing but praise and fingers crossed he will stay.





One of John’s funnier stories was something that happens a lot on the wrecks.  When we fish for our big goliath grouper we have to have the drag set to full from the start as you only have one chance to turn its head.  unfortunately  this means that when something else takes the bait and wants to make a fast run away from the wreck no line will come off the reel.  This happened to poor John the other week when his grouper bait was picked up by a monster shark it all happens so quickly you tend to worry about losing the rod than resetting the drag which with a lever drag means going to free spool first.  John was laughing about it telling us he was very close to going over I often say with a smile fine by me but make sure it’s all on video.