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Not a tarpon but

Well as they say on a fishing holiday the last day comes way to fast and on Johns last day the boys had decided to fish till they dropped. The start of the day was at 7 mile in the dark for a tarpon some guys want tarpon every day but Johns guys just liked catching fish and yes a 4 am start does tend to screw up the rest of the day. Well we were first boat but I was surprised to see three other boats all before light one nearer Marathon hooked up and the boat near us jumped two so the fish were there. We missed two bites and as day light came we all thought it was not going to be are morning not the start we had all wanted. Then I noticed Johns balloon going under and as is often the case after a lull John did not see it. Aperently I shounted wind you ***** I know it does not sound like me but it worked and fish on. No tarpon jump but this very strong fish was going through the bridges so anchor off and off we went and boy this fish was pulling line. The one and only by catch we get using crab is permit and they are always big ones as they go between the bridges to get to flats and yes I called this one right.

It took some time and made some very strong runs to straight at the concrete piles but at last it was in the net. In fact a big permit is often on the top off guys wish list when they come to the Florida Keys so to get one as a buy catch you are very lucky. It wont be very long till we are targeting these fish as they spawn on the wrecks and if this year is half as good as last there will be a lot of very happy anglers.