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Record smashed

I have now been running fishing holidays in the Florida Keys for 8 years and we have always been very lucky with species. It still came as a shock when John told me that Derek had been keeping a diary of there last trip and in their 8 day stay they ended up with 68 yes 68 different species a new base record. We did catch a lot of weird and wonderful ones and had a day offshore, lizard fish, lookdowns,houndfish just to name a few but 68 wow ! This to me is the beauty of the Florida Keys a huge variety of fishing locations is a relatively small area deep offshore, reefs. bridge channels, flats and mangroves. Fish the dream has the boat to do it all and with the fishing holiday controlled buy the guests we can do it all.

The other plus side of the Florida Keys is the control of the fish for sport fishing, bag limits, size limits, slot size and closed seasons. All the regs are no brainers 2 fish is 2 fish, 12 in is 12 in and you will be done no court case just an instant fine. The men in the very fast boats with flashing blue lights appear from nowhere and have probably been watching you for some time. As the ad said if a beer company did sport fishing it would probably be the the Florida Keys and long may it continue. The two photos are John with a strange hogfish and the very silver one is a lookdown they don’t come any more silver.