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Jack attack

What I am about to tell you is going turn any lure fisherman very, very green with envy. Yesterday at Bahia Honda in the Florida Keys we found a massive shoal of jack crevalle in one of the most amazing feeding freneze I have ever seen.  Hundreds of fish driving bait to the surface then in a top water boil just destroying anything that moved. At the time we had just lost a very big tarpon during the daylight bite when we noticed about half a mile back into the bay feeding fish. A few years ago while fishing with Henry Gilbey we had had jacks tarpon fishing but this was very different. The fight of any jack is brutal and none of these fish were over 10 lb but they just don’t give up. John was using a Popper and the sight of 50 yes 50 fish chasing, no surfing to get his bait will live with me forever. In fact they were nailing anything and many times it was all four rods at the same time I was just running round the boat unhooking. Fast and furious but what fun a fish a cast just how often does that happen when you are lure fishing.

The wrecks in the bay are all holding cobia at the moment and Dave had a nice 20 lb plus fish which we kept and John said it was so good he nearly asked if he could have it for all three courses. When the cobia are on the feed they also go mad and the other day a fish nearly 30 lb came up to the chum bag. Screaming at the anglers, get a bait over here any thing will do two guys got baits near the fish and guess what the cobia ate both of them. Seeing two anglers fighting the same fish very funny only in the Florida Keys.