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Maybe the one bad thing about the Florida Keys is that some people catch tarponitis during their fishing holiday and some people get it bad. The only cure is being dragged out of bed at 3.30 am sent to a scary place and fish in the dark then pain on the rod and the skip shouting at you all the time. The worst part is that there is no known cure and you have to have treatment every year. Well poor old Steve has it bad and the fishing gods gave him is annual medicine on his last morning. The take was fantastic right by the side of the boat and at 4.36 am the cry went up fish on. Not to many jumps which I like and then through both bridges and out into the Atlantic. The fish seem to give up after 10 mins but once into deeper water it was a very different story and for the next hour 10 mins a very, very hard fight.

Well Steve did well and in over 12 years of tarpon fishing his angling skills were right up there at the top I lost count of the times it charged the outboards and went under the boat all handled by Steve no problem. The only sad ending to this story by the side of the boat when I went to hold the fish to get the all important measurement for an accurate weight the hook fell out. This was a big fish and well over 100 lb and nearer 150 lb so well done Steve, guess you will be back for more treatment next year.